Stunning Avril Sun puts on a teen striptease to remember

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Avril Sun is obviously a girl who looks after every inch of her beautiful body and she is about to show you every inch as she puts on a delightful teen striptease that I am sure you won’t forget in a hurry.

Avril is already down to her underwear when we join her on her bed, she is straddled upon the Egyptian cotton sheets in her sexy black 2 piece bra and panties set. Her gorgeous red hair is tied back tightly, accentuating the fine features of her beautiful face, her delicate makeup just adding to the overall look of perfection. She rests her finely manicured hand on her legs as she smiles sweetly at the camera and prepares for her sensational teen striptease.

She adjusts position many times as she shows off her sexy bronzed body with its long legs and gently curves. All the time that pretty smile of hers never leaves her face as she poses for the camera, even when she is stood facing the wall to show her beautiful firm butt, perfectly frames by the thin string of her black panties, she is casting a backwards glance at us.

She kneels back upon the luxurious bed and slowly starts to take off her underwear. She peels one strap of her bra down over her slender shoulder, letting it fall to her elbow before moving onto the other strap. Without undoing the clasps, she starts to slide it down towards her waist, giving the very first glimpse of those small but  beautiful teen breasts. Her nipples swell with excitement as she anticipates her next move in the seductive and sensuous teen striptease.

Her fingers grab hold at the side of her panties and very slowly, almost teasingly she starts to inch them down, bit by bit. Will her teen striptease go all the way? Come and take a look now!